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N e w   Y o r k   C i t y

Suzanne C.  Nagy | Booth D14

Metropolitan Pavilion | 125 W 18th St

May 17 - 21, 2023

D A T E S   &   O P E N I N G   T I M E S

M A Y  1 7  -  2 1 ,  2 0 2 3

Private View  Wednesday May 17

5 - 7 pm  Invitation Only

7 - 9 pm  Public Hours

VOLTA X Fashion Fights Cancer  Thursday May 18

VOLTA LATE  Friday May 19

O P E N I N G   H O U R S

Wednesday May 17  |  5pm - 9pm

Thursday May 18 | 12pm - 9pm

Friday May 19 | 12pm - 8pm

Saturday May 20 | 12pm - 8pm

Sunday May 21 | 12pm - 5pm

Suzanne C. Nagy brings her signature works, the Time Capsules, to document some of the causes and consequences that affect our Earth. She is one of the early internationally acclaimed environmental artists, her 3D epoxy LED light objects are transparent,  representing the damages industrialization caused and needing to be corrected.

Volta Refinery Wall.jpg
TIME CAPSULES - 3D transparent Epoxy Sculpture

“From Where the Wind Blows” is another challenging topic suggesting that with extreme weather patterns, the wind may change directions and could cause intense devastation.

Volta Wall 2_edited.jpg
"FROM WHERE THE WIND BLOWS" Series - Acrylic on Canvas

Our heart lives on oxygen. Suzanne’s reaching out directly to us in her “Heart and Soul Project,” calling for more intense reparation concerning extreme weather patterns.  

light panels.jpg
LIGHT PANELS - LED Panel, Acrylic and Beads

In early 2000, her messages were to call attention to the environmental damages and its consequences and consumerist diversions, the loss of the ecological balance, and calling attention to focus on sustainable nature.

Since then, the global community has been established; the issues are more on the front burner and more target oriented. This global community continued as a vessel for environmental awareness connecting the continents and becoming more transparent in to fight against pollution.

Disconnect - 7'4_x7'10_.jpg
"DISCONNECT" - Acrylic on Floating Canvas (7'4" x 7'10")
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