Tableau I Dry Forest.jpg

Size: 96" x 160" (Each painting is 16" x 20")

“Dry Forest” is a multi-variable acrylic on a canvas wall, created in 2022 from 16”x20” size canvases as a puzzle. The “Tableau” consist of 48 pieces of artwork that is a complex definition of a multi-combination of elements or images built into large attractive variables. The idea is that we are part of the process of creating our history and problems that could be reversed, changed, or modified by rearranging the images.


Tableau II Water.jpg

Size: 112" x 120" (Each painting is 16" x 20")

“Water” is a complex, intriguing subject of its beauty, variety of colors, shades, and power. We need to be recognized for how precious this commodity is. Caring for water is like caring for our life.



METAMORPHOSIS - My new work, a new rhythm.

In 2019 I was preparing for a solo exhibition in Chelsea, and I got halfway done with my environmental project, then COVID came.
My project was canceled, and I switched over to complete my film. I reorganized my gallery, made an editing room, and started to rewrite Grizzly 2. Revenge.

In 2021 after selling the completed movie, I took out my unfinished art and worked to refigure my new life and new for others.

How much it changed. I reworked the canvases and left some elements in important enough to remember from my past. I struggled through this process to create a timeline until I drew whimsical lines holding the two events, the past and the present, together. Then I faded some of the information bringing out the most conflicting moments and brought them into the front line.
The exhibition is supposed to be about our environment, global conversation, and conventional work consisting of the four elements; water, fire, air, and soil.

In this new light with the pandemic, these primary issues faded, just when the world experiences real consequences about our wrongdoings.
How can I intertwine environmental urgency with our health urgency globally?
The challenge is enormous, but I am getting there.
Metamorphosis is an essential work for me, consisting of elements that we never lived through before, combined with unknowns that create a new reality and a new rhythm.