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Early Environmental Art


Volta Refinery Wall.jpg

Available 3D transparent Epoxy Sculpture


Polluter's Wall with Lightboxes.jpg




After several ideas and investigations in 2000, Suzanne C. Nagy discovered the best possible tool to make pollution visible and create art that she could call her signature and most significant visual work on the subject of pollution.


The method was tedious, starting with photographing the object or industrial landscape and duplicating the images. A maximum of 5 copies are made with one photograph, which is all numbered, and none of the artwork comes out the same. The numbers are on the right side of the boxes where the artwork has been placed with her signature.


Before the photographic copy is embedded in the epoxy solution and becomes a transparent sculpture, I am working on the images like a painter. My favorite tools are markers, color paint, metal, wire, scrap paper, lace, fabrics, and rubber.

These transparent sculptures become 3D when I put them in a metal or wood box lit by an LED light.


When the sculpture lights up, it looks beautiful but devastating in the meantime because the epoxy brings out all the deficiency and damage bubbles caused by pollution. The carbon trail effect can be pronounced by more manipulations and paint that I put in or added to the photographs.


This visual experience is a thorough representation of the problem and the dangerous effect of the pollution, which in many cases are hidden and not visible for the regular view.

3D Transparent lightboxes price are running between $5,000 - $9,000 with a certificate of authenticity. Each lightbox and epoxy sculpture are signed by the artist. Each lightbox copy made a maximum of 5. Free delivery in the US. Video and NFT rights are not included.